AES BoG 147 Strategic Objectives 2019-2022

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Dear Governors, Committee Chairs and Officers,

Please provide your iput to improve the Strategic Objectíves for AES for the next few years!
Where ever you can contribute, please feel free to share your ideas and concerns!

There is no need to fill in all questions, and you can also do the questionnaire several times, when ever an idea is coming up.

We are looking forward to your contributions, many thanks for your help!

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Please provide your input concerning strategies for membership growth:

1How to...

1.1 Grow AES worldwide

Please describe:

2How to...

1.2 Strengthen Regions, Sections, and Student Sections

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3How to...

1.3 Improve member value and ROI, including students/young professionals and Sustaining Members

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4How to...

1.4 Increase member engagement with volunteering opportunities

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5How to...

1.5 Capitalize on efficient and effective communications

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6How to...

1.6. Increase audience of stakeholders with focus on diversity & inclusion

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