Life at home with pets at the time of Covid-19

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Dear Sir / Madam, we kindly ask you to devote some of your time to answering this short questionnaire which aims to investigate people's experiences during the quarantine period and the role of pets for personal well-being.
The data collection is aimed at a master's degree thesis (LM-85bis) of a student at the Free University of Bozen. We specify that the data are absolutely anonymous and that the information collected will be processed only in an aggregate manner for statistical purposes. In no case will it be possible to trace the identity of those who fill out the questionnaire



3I live...




5Size of your home


6Type of your home


7Your home has ...

(Multiple answers are possible)

8Location where your home is located

(Multiple answers are possible)

9Do you own pets?


10If you answered Yes to the previous question, what kind of pet do you have?

(Multiple answers are possible)

11If you have one or more pets, please briefly indicate the breed, size and age of the animal/animals

12During the period of quarantine caused by Covid-19 were you forced to stay at home or did you continue to go to work?


13During the quarantine period, did you also work or study from home by smart working?


14If you worked and / or studied from home during quarantine, how many hours on average per day did you spend on your computer?

15If you have one or more children, have you followed and / or collaborated in distance learning?


16If you answered Yes to the previous question, were you happy to follow and help your child / s with distance learning?


17If you have helped your child/children in distance learning, we ask you to select a score from 1 to 5 (1 indicates that it was not at all difficult to help, 5 indicates that it was very difficult to help)


18In the event that you have one or more children, did it seem to you that your child/children showed symptoms of intolerance and discomfort?


19If Yes, select one or more of the behaviors you observed in the child/children

(Multiple answers are possible)

20If you have one or more pets, how have they behaved in this period of social isolation caused by Covid-19?

(Multiple answers are possible)

21During the quarantine, you and / or your children with animals


22Did the presence of an animal in the house make isolation less burdensome for you?


23If he doesn't own animals, do you think it would have been nice to have one during the months of quarantine?


24Was there anything that made your days more difficult and tiring? If so, what?

25What moods did you feel during the quarantine?

(Multiple answers are possible)

26At the end of the quarantine, with respect to your pet/pets:


No changes possible any more after sending the questionnaire. Many thanks for answering these questions!

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